Its easy using green…

Green onions!

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs with green onions and reduced fat cheddar, an apple, and a piece of toast with natural peanut butter and a teeny bit of chocolate spread.

Gosh, that’s boring. I got more color in at lunch. The only color there is from those green onions! I use them at least once a day lately. So, I decided to see if they had any nutritional value, in addition to their great taste. According to some place I’ve looked, green onions are:

  • low in sodium
  • high in dietary fiber
  • high in vitamin A
  • very high in vitamin C

They are also high in sugar.

I picked up a mudslide iced coffee on the way to work and snacked on a banana around 11.

My lunch was some leftover righteous salad with a bit of cottage cheese on top

The righteous part was hiding…

And dessert was some vanilla Wallaby Yogurt (I can’t get enough of this stuff!) with walnuts

Snack was hummus and cucumbers.

I had all kinds of plans to come home, make dinner, get some leg work in in the form of squats, lunges, wall squats, and calf raises… and my car wouldn’t start. Again. Triple A came out and got it started, and I backed it out of the parking spot, and it died when I put it back into drive. I think my car might be really really dead! Needless to say, I didn’t want to cook or work out. I visited a friend and threw together dinner. I’m not proud of it.

That’s a piece of broasted chicken from Hannaford, some parmesean couscous (one of my weaknesses) and some roasted broccoli. I tried to fill up on the broccoli first, but the call of the couscous was too strong…

Tomorrow is another day! Hopefully we can either figure out what’s going on with my car or move toward getting a new one, or at least getting rid of this one! I’ll be sad, but Black Betty has lived a long and productive life. Now I’m off to watch the end of the Celtics game!! Beat LA!!!

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