Forza Azzurri!!

This weekend, we’re honoring the dads and dad-like figures in our lives. I’m lucky enough to have two very special guys in my life who fit this bill:

My Dad is fun, sweet, smart, and easy-going. I like to think I’ve gotten all these qualities from him 😉 We had him over last night for a fun dinner!

My father-in-law is straight from Italy. He is strong, hard-working, handsome, and lives for his family. He was kind enough to pass on these traits to my husband.

In the year before we got married, both of our fathers had serious heart attacks. We are both very close to our dads, and we went through a lot with their events, treatments, surgeries, cardiac rehab, etc. They were very different situations, but equally stressful. It definitely brought heart health to the front of our minds for them and ourselves, and every Father’s Day is that much more special. 🙂

This morning, we went to Boston’s North End (otherwise known as Little Italy to some) to pick up some tarallis (Italian pretzels), my FIL’s favorite. Today was an Italian World Cup game, so the streets were abuzz with vendors selling Azzurri shirts (we bought one for him and one for me) and people flocking to cafes to watch the game. It was the perfect mix of activity without being too congested, and I loved it. Here are some pics I caught. I looked like a tourist!

When we got to my in-laws, my MIL told me she was going to teach me to make calamari salad, which is one of my favorite things that she makes! I was very excited. Dinner was calamari sald, a Righteous Salad, Rabbit Cacciatore (no rabbit for me, I just enjoyed the veggies), and fresh pasta with tomatoes, basil, capers and mozzerella. We finished with some espresso and limoncello. It was filling and relaxing. And that is how you eat a pescetarian Italian dinner 😉

Getting ready to cook!

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