I wish it would rain down…

I easily ate my favorite wrap I’ve ever had for lunch yesterday. Which was good, because my breakfast and morning snack were just kind of … meh.

Iced coffee and low-fat blueberry muffin

Wallaby raspberry yogurt with walnuts and coconut. Coconut + raspberry is NOT one of my favorite combos!

Then… I got to lunch.

Hello, cows!

I had a peach seltzer, a nectarine for dessert, and the best wrap I have ever made. Did I mention that I loved my lunch yesterday?

SO GOOD. In this wrap:

  • Sabra sun-dried tomato hummus
  • feta
  • green onions
  • mashed up kidney beans
  • lettuce

I actually was thinking on the way to work “oops, I didn’t put any kind of dressing on that wrap. I hope its not bland”. And it wasn’t! It was the perfect mix of flavors and it filled me up (although I was wishing I had more because it was so good).

I went home and went out for a run. It was HOT. I also don’t think I ate enough of an afternoon snack, I only had some baby carrots. And I must not have drank enough water during the day, because I felt awful during this run. I was still glad I was doing it though!

  • 3.2 miles of HILLS
  • 30mins 40secs
  • 9:57 pace

Slower than last week, but still faster that I was running a month ago! I’m very encouraged.

I found myself praying for rain during this run. I have found over the past couple of years that I actually enjoy running in the rain, and I am faster in… weather. In New England, you never know what you’re going to get. I’ve run in snow, sleet, rain, etc. Its because I’m speeding up to get done faster, or maybe the weather is distracting me and I’m just focusing on motoring along. Either way, I like some precipitation with my runs, especially when its 90 degrees and humid!

I came home and had this Righteous Salad with some chicken that my wonderful husband had marinated in lemon and fresh herbs all day. Well, then he grilled it.

In this salad…

  • green leaf lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • green onions
  • basil
  • avacado
  • feta
  • dried cranberries
  • artichoke hearts

I also had a State Pen Porter. 🙂

Question: How do you feel about running in the rain? Or the snow?

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