Never can say goodbye

I’m not sure what made yesterday goodbye party day, but both Erm and I had farewell parties. Erm is switching from one office to another, and his office threw him a little party last night. Lets just say I am glad I’m not working til later today, hmm? It was lots of fun, though!

The cake they got him... so sweet?

Even my mom made it!

Earlier in the day, I said goodbye to these kids

A part of my job is running this high school community service group. I’ve been involved with them for the past two years and it has been amazing. Last year, there were no seniors in the group, so there were really no goodbyes. This year… there were 9. I’ve been amazed all year at how much of their time these kids put into everything we do. There were little things like raking a yard for money for the American Cancer Society and big things, such as participating in Relay for Life (they raised over $8K! I was so proud!). They are a very very special group of kids and I was honored to play a part in their high school career. My hope has always been that as they go off to school and into the world, that they take some of what they have accomplished by being part of the group and continue to help others and be good to each other. With no children of my own, these 19 have become “my kids”. They even gave me a Mother’s Day card and flowers this year.

So yesterday, we gathered at one of their houses and had a little pool party, and I showed a video I made with nice songs and all of our pictures from this past year, and I gave a speech about their future, and I was so good about not getting emotional, I was very very proud of myself. Then they brought out this adorable basket.

There’s some M&Ms (my favorite candy), my favorite bottled water, some candles, a necklace, all kinds of cute stuff. And I loved it but was still able to just pull off smiling and then they told me to open the box

And I melted into a puddle of tears. I cried, and then they cried, and it was all very emotional.

Its one of the best gifts anyone has ever given to me. 🙂

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One Response to Never can say goodbye

  1. this makes me so, so happy.

    you rock.


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