And… breathe.

I’ve been so busy this weekend I couldn’t even post until now!

Yesterday (Saturday) morning, I woke up and announced that I wanted an omelet. I had some mushrooms and green onions that I sauteed and then folded into the eggs with some reduced fat cheddar. Mmmm delicious.

With watermelon!

I also noticed that we had some produce that needed a purpose, so I said hello to an old friend.

I haven’t made juice in awhile and I forgot how much of a mess it made! Still… worth it. I made juice with apples, pear, carrots, grapes, raspberries, and spinach. It was a rainbow of flavor!

I grabbed an iced chai to fuel me for my busy day

My first stop was my mom’s to get my instructions for dogsitting her two dogs. I love these guys.

Then, I went to Charlotte’s house to pick up some vegetables that she had for me from the farm that she works at. While there, I said hello to Max…

And I picked up these vegetables… and I have no idea what most of them are!

Then we went to our friends’ son’s Star Wars birthday party where I got this sweet tattoo

And participated in a very heated adult sack race

Game face

We stopped on our way home for some ice cream and surprise! There were fireworks! It was our town’s summer festival and the fireworks were going off right as we got there. What a pleasant surprise!

Mocha Chip with walnuts... yummm

This morning I had a request for muffins, so I made polenta cheddar muffins. Sounds fancy, right? Tricked you. Do you know what polenta is?

Its cornmeal! I found this out when we had a cornmeal emergency one night 😉 So these were basically corn muffins, teehee.

My day today entailed a baby shower and a christening party. Whew! I was too busy having fun to take any pics. Tonight, I am dogsitting two blonde beauties and relaxing and am excited about a run tomorrow night!

Does anyone know what any of those vegetables might be!?

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One Response to And… breathe.

  1. Let me BLOW YOUR MIND. Next time you make an omelette – fold in broccoli, sun dried tomatoes and diced up Laughing Cow cheese. WIN! asparagus and spinach is good too! Thx for the sweet comment on my blog.

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