Hot child in the city

Runnin’ wild and looking pretty…

I love that song! Almost makes this crazy heat bearable!

I started my day with a bowl of oats. I thought I was being smart and thinking ahead when I brought my oats with me to my mom’s house… but I forgot toppings! I had to improvise

The oats were

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • splash vanilla

Topped with black cherries and peanut butter.

I also forgot to bring snacks for work! So I had no morning snack today. I headed to Panera for lunch for their Mediterranean Salmon salad that I’ve head before and I LOVE. I was craving something nice and healthy after my weekend of parties! But when I got there… it was no longer on the menu 😦 So sad! So I got the Asian Sesame Chicken salad. It was ok. I’m not the biggest fan of chicken overall, but I think it was the best choice.

Add a lemonade 🙂 What I DO love about their salads is that they have lettuce other than iceberg. I like a nice GREEN salad!

I snacked on a piece of bread in the afternoon. Probably not the healthiest choice, but it was what I had, and I knew I had a run ahead of me. I went for a run around 7 and it was HOT. I opted NOT to bring a bottle of water with me and it was a bad decision. But still… I did 2.24 miles in 23 mins. Much slower, but it was 90 degrees and the air was thick like soup! I almost didn’t go but I figured… I’ll feel so much better if I do. I’ve gotten into a habit with my exercise where I really miss it if I skip it, and I didn’t work out Saturday OR Sunday. So a run, however short it was, was in order.

Then I enjoyed some take-out pad thai. 🙂


I need to get something off my chest tonight. This month, I am running a fitness group for some high school girls at work. I texted them all today asking what their goals for the group are. I want to make sure I cover everything they want to learn, help them make good choices, etc.

Half of them said their goal was to lose weight 😦

I wasn’t mad, per say, but I was definitely upset. These girls just graduated high school and are so young! I’m very close to them, and I think it upset me even more because of that. I know how easy it is to slip into that mentality at any age. I can remember being in high school, an athlete, my metabolism at its peak and looking healthy and wonderful and standing in a changing room and punching my hip bones because I was so infuriated that they were there. If I could go back and tell 18 year old me something I would say “Hey! Stop it! Your legs are going to run a half marathon, and you are going to fall in love and be beautiful and happy on your wedding day! And someday those wide hips will be a blessing, when you are giving birth! Go out there and be yourself and have FUN, you’re a kid!”.

And I just don’t know how to tell these girls that so that they will listen.

This thinking is so destructive. If you are focusing on losing weight for appearance reasons, what happens after you lose that weight? Do you stop your healthy lifestyle? The term “I want to lose weight” to me says “there is an end date to this”. Much like the term “diet”. When people “go on a diet”, and get all strict about it, there is more pressure to stick to said “diet”, and its stressful. Being healthy should be FUN and not focused on pounds and appearance. (psst… if you’re living a healthy lifestyle, chances are you will be at your ideal HEALTHY weight).

Also, constantly thinking about losing weight keeps you from things. I’ve been there. I’ve freaked out about going somewhere because I thought I looked fat in everything I owned. I’ve been quiet at parties and bars because I thought I was the fattest girl there. I now look back and realize… it didn’t matter. Those times do not stick out in my mind. What does stick out is all the good times I’ve had and you know what? I can’t remember what I or anyone else weighed or was wearing or what we looked like. WHAT WE LOOK LIKE DOES NOT MATTER.

I choose to be happy now. I have days where I have to consciously put my money where my mouth is and forget about how I look and just get out there into the world and live. There are days its hard, I’ll be honest. In some ways, I’m lucky to have my experience to look back on to help me out. I just don’t want these girls and other young women to waste any time like I did. They are all beautiful, vivacious, giving, wonderful girls, and that is what the world sees in them. I just want them to see the same thing!

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9 Responses to Hot child in the city

  1. That is so sad that they said that was their goal for running. I wonder what I would have said at that age? Probably something similar. You are spot on… we must choose to be happy now.

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh that makes me so sad! And since they aren’t doing it out of love it is going to be a lasting activity in their lives! 😦

  3. Kelly says:

    I meant it isn’t going to be a lasting activity in their lives….oops!

  4. Aww, that’s too bad that these young girls are so focused on weight. Hopefully it is something that they can grow past but from experience and if I am being honest, I still list weight loss/maintanence as one of my reasons too.

  5. Sigh. I feel the same way you do. I wish I could go back and tell my younger self all of the same things, but I know I wouldn’t get it. It’s so hard to see young women falling into that destructive mindset, knowing that someday they’ll regret it, just like we do.

  6. sasa says:

    There’s hope though! I used to worry about that sort of thing when I in my early 20s but now I’m probably happier with my body than I’ve ever been because I realised that if I’m healthy and it does what I need it to, that’s all I need. Maybe they just need to grow into their skins?

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