Have music will run

Wow! Thanks for the comments on yesterday’s post. I appreciate the empathy and the honesty 😉

After another bowl of improvised oats, I said goodbye to these guys and left.

I was so sad to leave them! I love having dogs in my life 🙂

I had leftover pad thai for lunch. I was getting hungry and thought I forgot to bring a snack but then I remembered that I had stashed this in my purse!

I love when I surprise myself.

When I got home, I realize I still had the mystery greens that I picked up this weekend and needed to do something with them. I remembered reading The Pioneer Woman’s Spinach with Garlic Chips post from earlier this week and decided to try it. So I made the garlic chips…

And took them out and put all these greens in

And shrunk them down a bit

And it all came out like this

I think this recipe would be AWESOME with spinach. However, the greens I had were super bitter and tough and needed a little more… something… to make them delicious. There was bok choi in there that came out perfect, though.

I had my greens with one of my bean wraps that I love so much. Except the wrap that I made it on completely fell apart so I had to eat it like this

It was still delicious 🙂

After letting my food settle and getting some packing done, I went to the gym and did some work on my back, shoulders and biceps as well as 20 mins on the elliptical. Before I went to the gym, I put iTunes on our new computer and plugged in my shuffle to add some songs and was told that I had two options: Keep my shuffle the way it is and don’t add any more songs, OR sync it to the new iTunes and delete everything and start over. 😡 I didn’t make a decision yet. But now I’m thinking about adding new songs to my Shuffle and wondering What are your favorite running/cardio songs? There was a great discussion on this on Twitter in the #fitblog chat last night. I think we can all benefit from suggestions for new music to mix things up! Some of my favorites:

  • Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen (live version)
  • Best of You by Foo Fighters (gets me super pumped)
  • Harder to Breathe by Maroon 5 (live version)
  • Lubbock or Leave It by Dixie Chicks (GREAT song to finish to!)
  • Maneater by Nellie Furtado
  • Be Good To Yourself by Journey
  • Dancing with Myself by Billy Idol
  • Bootylicious by Beyonce
  • Fergalicious by Fergie

Don’t be shy! Share!

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4 Responses to Have music will run

  1. Demi says:

    Hey Mase! Invincible by OkGo is one of my favorites to run to.
    Always love reading your blog,

  2. Some of my iPod favorites are:

    Lose Yourself-Eminem
    Come With Me- P Diddy
    Uprising- Muse
    Let It Rock- Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil’ Wayne
    Animals- Nickleback
    Pump It- Black Eyes Peas

    I need new song ideas too!

  3. Those greens look DIVINE!!!! I usually do do mine with spinach but I am going to try other greens (PS, when I do mine with spinach, I add sliced black olives – AWESOME!)

    Thank you for the amazing comment on my post. It really touched my hear. If you would like to repost it, I’d love that – it’s a message I would really love to get out. (If not that’s fine too!)


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