On being flexible…

… and I don’t mean yoga 😉

I woke up this morning with a desire to bake, and I bought blueberries yesterday so… blueberry muffins it was! I used Martha Stewart’s recipe, which always comes out fantastic. (Must be that stick of butter? :|)

However, when I went to get my ingredients together… I did not have enough white sugar. But! I did have brown sugar! Then I remembered that when I make my whole wheat pancakes, I use brown sugar with the whole wheat flour. So, I used half of the amount of flour called for, and the other half was whole wheat flour. And for the sugar, I used half white sugar, half brown sugar. I’m always nervous when I tweak any recipe, but I figured this may not make too much of a difference.



Holy hell were these delicious. Tasty and better for me? Yes, please.

Flexibility at its best 😉

Then I made lunch for the Mr. and said bye-bye. I had to wait for our storage pods to be delivered and was trying to figure out when to go to the gym. Thursday is leg day, and I was really excited to get to it! However… the Pod People weren’t specific about when they were coming, so I couldn’t really take off, because I had to sign for them. Okay… so running after they left, or even before, was probably a good option. I went upstairs to get dressed… and fell back into bed. And I could. not. pull. myself. out. I was ordered by the husband to NOT run if I didn’t feel right, which normally he would have to order me to do, but today… no way. I was more than happy to lay in bed with the cat, curled up under my covers. This was SO not like me. I am a morning person, and an avid non-napper. Why was I so tired? I was thinking of taking a nap and then the doorbell rang and it was the Pod People, so at least that got me up and moving. After changing into my running clothes (I still thought I was going to end up going for a run), I started feeling funny. My legs felt fine and my tummy was ok, but I just felt off. I’m a huge supporter of listening to your body, so I figured it was time for me to practice what I preach. Still, I wanted to get out and move, so I went for a walk.

I can’t remember the last time I went for a walk! No music, no time to beat, no crazy sweating. Just walking. And as I was walking, I was thinking of how much I’ve loved running in my neighborhood over the past few years. Its a great place for it, because its lots of loops and lots of hills. Actually, its all hills, I think I’m always running up or down hill. The guy at the running store once asked me where I live and I told him and he said “wow… you’ve got some hills out there, huh?” They can be slightly steep or looooooong gradual hills. Either way, they’re great for training, and its a pretty neighborhood. I think I’ve taken it for granted, and I hope that when we move, I end up in another great running area!

The walk woke me up a little bit, thank goodness.

I also stopped for an iced coffee and something to eat. Not a healthy choice… but I knew I needed some salt. And I didn’t have the energy to whip something up at home! (SO weird)

That’s a ham, egg & cheese on a plain bagel. It may be the only time you’ll see that here on Hit The Bricks.

Today started my fitness program at work! I have 5 girls signed up, and I took them to a little nutrition seminar this afternoon. We learned some GREAT stuff! I can’t wait to work on goal setting and some physiology stuff next week!

Looking back on my day, I’m thinking about how important it is to be flexible. I know its something I’ve worked on in many aspects of my life. In college, with work, with social plans, with exercise. If things strayed from the original plan, I would always just give up altogether. Supposed to go to the library at 6 and study for two hours and its 6:45 and I haven’t gone yet? Well, I might as well not go. What do you mean, they’re coming over now? We didn’t plan that ahead of time! I was supposed to go to the gym today, but its not going to work out time-wise, so I just won’t work out at all.

I didn’t even realize this was something that I had been working on til today. Once I let go of this all-or-nothing attitude, it became easier for me to stick with eating well and exercising. Because lets face it, assuming I’m not going to eat a certain something for 6 months is ridiculous. Or getting up every day at 5 to go to the gym? That probably won’t happen. BUT, if I don’t beat myself up about it and just think of ways to get back on track when I fall off, its less of a commitment, and less work, and more fun to take care of myself. I realized that my biggest enemy on my road to health was me being hard on myself, and that’s the person that’s always hardest to fight. So now, we live together in harmony, and she doesn’t beat me up, and things are much better 🙂

(PS Caitlin at HTP had a great post about this today, too!)

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