What scares you?

What a weird night last night was!

I started the day with a bowl of oatmeal (not pictured). For lunch, I had this Righteous Salad

Nom, nom, nom. This salad had

  • lettuce from my FIL’s garden
  • pork roll
  • leftover homemade baked beans
  • feta
  • oil and vinegar

Then I went to Charlotte’s to get ready for our first 5K of the summer. I was super confident about running in the heat after all the water I drank and all the good food I ate during the day (I snacked on a Raw Revolution bar and some trail mix in the afternoon). But as I was driving I noticed… no runners. At all. Not one. Then I looked at my temperature gauge in my car and saw that it was still 101 degrees! So I said hmm… Universe, send me a sign. If I don’t see any other runners from here to Charlotte’s, I won’t run. And I didn’t. Also, at 6pm, when the temerature is supposed to be dropping, I saw it CLIMB to 102. That was enough for me. We decided to do a nice hilly 4 mile walk. The hills were CRAZY and it was still so hot, every sprinkler was a godsend. It was still a great workout!

We had some of this trail mix that Charlotte made before we left

I forget everything that was in it, but I know there was

  • dried soy beans
  • raisins
  • sunflower seeds
  • organic chocolate chips
  • peanuts
  • flax seed

And then we went out for our walk and had a great conversation and sweated a lot. We brought water, don’t worry!

We came back went swimming and had some steak and vegetables from the farm that Char works on

And for dessert I had a piece of bread with Justin’s Organic Honey Peanut Butter. Oh. My God.

I was driving home happily at 10:30ish, singing away with Lady Gaga, and my car started acting funny. It coughed a couple of times and then died. Completely died, dead. The battery light went on, then off. The check gauges light went on, then off. The power steering started to go. I was in the left hand lane and realized I needed to get over to the breakdown lane before my car stopped and my steering wheel totally stopped working. Luckily, I did.

 So that was over. I tried to call the husband, but just seven minutes prior he had told me his phone was dying, so he was going to leave it downstairs on the charger and go to bed. On vibrate. (the phone, not the bed.) I called him no less than 38 times and realized that was futile. So I called for a tow. They told me they would red-flag my request for assistance and alert the police that I was there… “in case something happened”. Oh, okay, that helped me relax. Then I thought… what am I going to do about getting home? Next, I had to figure out who was going to come and rescue me. While I was sitting there thinking, I realized… ‘someone could come out of those woods over there and take me from my car and stuff me in a cave, never to be seen again’. So I locked my doors. Then I realized my windows were open. Shut the windows. (I left them open an inch). And don’t forget how hot it was… Every time an 18 wheeler passed by me, the car would shake. And there was one point where there were no cars up ahead, and no cars in my rear view, and it was PITCH BLACK. I literally felt like I was in a horror movie. Then I thought, remember that movie about the guy with the chainsaw…

I called my cousin and his girlfriend, who live close by, and they said they would come and get me. So I sat and waited for them. And for the tow truck. It seemed like I waited forever, but I’m sure it wasn’t too long. The tow truck did come before my cousin, which I was hoping wouldn’t happen. One of my biggest fears is being abducted. Actually, my biggest fear is being abducted from a public restroom, but that’s for another post. Back to just plain old being abducted. So the tow truck guy comes, and he was very nice, but by this point my imagination had completely run away with my common sense and I must have looked like a crazy person. I had my large purse, my gym bag, and my lunch bag. So I got out of the car and told him what happened, and he told me that he was pretty much going to load my car up and go, and was someone coming to get me? I resisted the urge to say “Yes! And he’s big and he plays football and he’ll kick your @ss!” (Catch the movie reference?). But I just said yes. (Even when I’m petrified, I can’t lie). And he said “Well, do you want to wait in the truck?” and I said “No, he’ll be here soon” and he said “Well, I can take you to where I am towing your car and you can have them pick you up there” and I said “No thank you, he just called he’s on his way”. I could just picture being taken to a house with no windows and being forced to stay there forever as some kind of slave, never to see my husband or running sneakers again. And they might make me clean something.

 So he started to put my car on the lift and I asked “Where are you taking my car?” and he started moving over to the passenger side door and said “Come here, I have the info”. And I stayed as far back as I could. Again, this man was very nice. I just feel that you can never, ever be too careful. So he loudly told me the address of where my poor Black Betty was going and I put the info in my phone. Finally my cousin came, I gave the man a tip, and went on my merry way.

Do I watch too many scary movies and read too many scary books? Yes, at least that’s what the husband tells me. I’m actually in the middle of an 1100 page doozy right now. Am I too cautious sometimes? Maybe. Was there any way in hell I was getting in that tow truck? No.

What would you have done? And what is your biggest fear? Does it involve bugs? Bathrooms? Ghosts? When I was younger, I was most afraid of quicksand. In New Hampshire. 😐

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5 Responses to What scares you?

  1. YUMMA!!! That trail mix looks so good!

  2. No way would I have gotten in that truck! I think in those types of situations, there is no such thing as being too careful. Sorry you had such a rough night.

  3. Oh wow, that’s crazy!!! I wouldn’t have gotten in the truck either. I hope your car’s better soon!

  4. Kelly says:

    WOW! That would have scared the daylights out of me! I would have cried…just cried! And total sidenote…being abducted from a public restroom TOTALLY freaks me out too!!! Random…..

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