Hungry like the wolf


Yesterday started out with a delicious bowl of oats and a cup of decaf

No bananas in the oats, they were straight up. I added

  • organic blueberries
  • peanut butter
  • maple syrup
  • walnuts

Deeeelish. And I needed a filling breakfast because I burned a lot of calories yesterday…

In the morning, I had a bunch of things to do in the house, but still wanted to get a workout in. I figured a half hour of speed intervals at the gym would do the trick! I hydrated before I went with some VitaCoco

This flavor and the tangerine are my favorite.

Then I went to the gym and did my speed workout! I did

  1. 3 mins warmup at 5.6mph
  2. 1 min 7.3-7.5mph
  3. 1 min 5.8-6.0mph
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 for 20 mins
  5. 2 mins at 6.0, increasing to 6.5

It felt fantastic.

I came home and made this ridiculous Chocolate Cherry Monster!

In the blender went

  • a huge handful of spinach
  • two small scoops of chocolate whey protein
  • flax
  • 15 cherries
  • 1 cup almond milk

This was delicious! and I didn’t even realize that I left the banana out until after I was done. I think the chocolate protein powder makes a big difference. I may make a mint one next with mint from the garden!

Then I tackled the to-do list

I forgot to put vacuum and wash floors on there.

I am a huge list person. I find that I get so much more done when I have a list! Katie had a great post over the weekend about to-do lists, I’m definitely going to use her Roman List from now on!

I whizzed through my chores and came to work to lead Fitness Boot Camp! This is a program that I’m running for high school girls. (I posted about my big goal for this group last week here) Tuesday we focused on body image, diet discussion, and core work. Yesterday was all about legs! I led the girls in a bunch of squats, lunges, stability ball hamstring curls (my favorite), calf raises, bridges, wall squats, etc. It was fun! During our session one of them looked at me and said “Michelle… you should be a trainer.” Totally made my day! I LOVE working out, and I love teaching people new things. This group I’m running is the perfect marriage of the two. I told her later that she made my day and she repeated it and said that I make working out enjoyable. :mrgreen: Could she be onto something?

Then I went for a steamy .75 mile walk outside with another girl who came in. My legs got quite the workout yesterday! I was HANGRY by dinnertime.

Not-so-Righteous.But still pretty good.

  • garden lettuce
  • egg salad
  • the end of the beans
  • oil & vinegar

YUM. My new favorite thing is pineapple with coconut sprinkled on top… a deconstructed pina colada, if you will. (The first time Erm saw this he said “cheese on pineapple?”) I ate all of it. 🙂

But I was still hungry.

So I went home and had this

That’s wine and pizza. No cute way to say it. But it was delicious! That’s a Chateau Ste Michelle Merlot. I usually don’t like merlot, but this one drinks a little heavier. More like a zin. 😉

I also helped myself to some bites of leftover ice cream because I was STILL hungry!!!

While I’m not beating myself up about the wine and pizza, I wish I could have gotten fuller earlier, as I don’t like eating too close to bedtime. I usually don’t have a problem taking care of post-exercise hunger at home, because I whip up a big smoothie and that tides me over. What do you do to fill up after a workout?

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One Response to Hungry like the wolf

  1. Yum, pizza and wine!!! The best combo ever! I really only focus on refueling after long runs. I usually have a smoothie.

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