I said woah, Black Betty

Yesterday started off on a sad note… I said goodbye to my car, Black Betty (blam a lam). Turns out when she died on the highway last week, it was because her fuel pump had gone byebye, and it was just too much money to risk fixing it and then having something else big and bad happen in a few weeks. Betty’s had a rough couple of months and a great 138,000 miles, so we decided to cut our losses. She had a good run! Bye Betty!!!

Someone at the garage actually is buying her from us… so I am trying to decide what to do with the little bit of money I am about to come into… should I

  • finally get a Garmin, and some Nike Frees?
  • put it toward a new laptop for myself?
  • put it away to put toward my next car?
  • put it in the dog fund?
  • use it to go to New York in August?

I’m really torn!

I made breakfast at home and brought it to work with me. Thanks to Caitlin’s post, I made a delicious breakfast yesterday! Toasted some quinoa with maple syrup and cinnamon, and had it with some vanilla greek yogurt and raspberries. Delicious.

Lunch was a wrap with lettuce, baked beans, green onions and feta

and snack was this Larabar

Let me say that I LOVE Larabar… but did not like this flavor. It had lime juice in it and I think it upset my stomach.

Then I drove to get Charlotte so we could finally run our first race of the summer! Last night was the Lucky 5 5K… eveyr 5th finisher got a prize!

Pre-race fuel was wheat toast with Justin’s Organic Honey PB

We drove to the race and signed in, said hi to everyone, etc. On the way to the start, we stopped for a stretch

And we were off! I felt so good during this race! Just a couple of snafus… I downloaded Grooveshark to my phone so I could listen to my playlist instead of Pandora radio, which can be hit or miss for me (most of the time I love it, though 😉 ) The problem was that I didn’t take the time to figure out how to play a playlist in Grooveshark, so after one good running song, it decided to play “I Can’t Make You Love Me” (which isn’t even in any of my playlists? WTH?) which is NOT a good running song. I tried fiddling with it for a little bit, and then just gave up and listened to Pandora, which ended up working out ok. Also, my shoe came untied at the end of mile 2! Bummer. I hate stopping to tie my shoe during a race, but its imperative for safety.

A good thing about this race was that I could see Charlotte just about the whole way. She has always run faster than me, and its usually just a goal of mine to keep her in my sight, but I was pretty much right behind her for the first mile, then dropped back to maybe 15 yards behind her for the second, and then the shoe tying incident did me in and I lost her.

As I was running, I was paying attention to the random thoughts running through my head. Anyone else do this? Here’s a sample:

“Wow, I feel pretty good”

“Is that Charlotte up there? Either I’m running fast or she’s running slow. Or both”

“What is that smell?”

“Stupid Grooveshark”

“I wish I drank more water today”

“I really don’t like when people are walking and then start running when I am getting ready to pass them in a narrow space and then they run in front of me and start walking”

“No way is my shoe untied right now”

“What is that smell?”

“I’m so glad I bought these shorts”

“Why isn’t it raining right now?”

“Where did Charlotte go?”

“I wonder what Erm’s doing”

“Is there still pistachio ice cream in the freezer at home?”

“Ok sprint… NOW”

And I finished feeling great… but not with a great time. Not sure if it was the humidity, or I was dehydrated, or just not as fast as I thought. I actually like to blame the shoe-tying. At any rate, I finished with a time of 31:29, which came out to 10:09 per mile. Seriously? I’ve been running hills outside faster than that over the past month, what happened? I guess the good part is that it sets a low baseline for me to run a PR between now and then end of the series. And you get a Smiley medal if you run a PR. And neither of us got a 5th finish, so no prizes for us. Boo.

When we finished, we went and stretched. There are random sculptures in Lowell in the mill area by the river, and we have dubbed one the Obelisk of Shame (OOS). We go and stretch there when we feel that we’ve had a not-so-great race.

(I know, its probably not even an obelisk)

Last night we stretched near the OOS. While we weren’t thrilled with our results, it wasn’t the worst race, either 😉 There’s always next time, and I’ll definitely be chasing a PR in a couple of weeks!

Anyone have any fun races coming up?

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