The weekend I didn’t want to end

I am so sad this weekend is over!

After a hectic weekend last weekend, Erm and I decided to carve out some fun and relaxing time for just the two of us this weekend. We have a habit of jam packing our Saturdays and Sundays with plans and feeling unrested by Sunday night most of the time. But this weekend was different…

Friday night we had a nice dinner together, accompanied by this

This Vitiano 2008 blend has become our go-to wine. Its an easy drinker with a little kick to it. It goes great with steak, pasta with a red sauce, or just to sip by itself.

For dinner, we had steak tips, roasted zucchini and a green salad. The salad had

  • garden lettuce
  • green onions
  • cucumbers
  • fennel
  • feta

 ‘Twas good.

Saturday we had a showing! Erm went golfing with his friend and I stayed home to clean up. In all my busy-ness, and because I have a cold and had a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, I forgot to have lunch! I need to start bringing snacks in my purse with me. I went and had a back facial and a pedicure with my friend Keely, hung out with her for a bit, then went home and waited for Erm to come home.

Side note: my cats look and act so different from each other that sometimes I have a hard time believing they are brothers. As I was reading my book waiting for Erm, I noticed this

Same position


Erm took me out for a burger at the Grill Next Door, where they have delicious burgers and 36 beers on tap that they rotate. I LOVE this place. I didn’t take pictures, but can tell you that a. my burger was delicious. b. I opted for sweet potato fries c. my beer was also delicious.

We got home and I made a beeline to my hammock with my book.

This morning our plan was to go to Kennebunkport, Maine for lunch. Kennebunkport is special to us… we went there for a few nights after we got engaged, and we had our mini-moon there right after our wedding (our actual honeymoon was 3 months after our wedding). We try to go up once or twice a year, even if its just for lunch. Its a cute little seaside town in Maine, and you may have heard of it because the Bush family has a house up there. Its very quaint.

Before we left, Erm had a fitting at the club for his new (golf) driver. On his way back, he picked me up a surprise breakfast.

A breakfast burrito and iced tea from Beantowne!! Such a romantic 🙂

We took our ride up to Maine at a nice, leisurely pace. On the way up I had some water with lemon in my iced tea cup

And we made it up to Federal Jacks, our favorite lunch spot.

Federal Jacks is the home of Shipyard beers, which we love. We each had a Summer Wheat while we waited

This beer is light and crisp, a great summer beer. A little like Sam Summer, if you’re a fan of that.

We sat down and pondered the menu, but there was no need. We knew we were going with the Goat Island Mussels in the classic style with white wine, onions, garlic and butter. We always get these. I can’t recommend them enough.

Oh yeah. And crusty toasty bread to dip into the sauce when you’re done.

Then we were out of beer! So we ordered a Brown Ale

The brown ale isn’t too heavy, but its got a nice malty flavor to it. I liked it a lot!

We wanted lobster but we didn’t want the mess of a steamed lobster, so we got lobster rolls. I got cole slaw, Erm got onion rings. I may of may not have had a couple of his rings…

These lobster rolls were GOOD. Very light on the mayo, just like I like ’em!

Then we walked around the Dock Square area of K’port

Another side note: I am not a fan of seagulls. Some of the time.

But I do think they’re pretty. Unless they look like they want to peck my eyes out.

We grabbed iced coffees and headed for home. On our way up, we had seen a couple of farms we were interested in. We’ve been talking about picking blueberries all summer, and the sign was up for pick your own! So, we made a stop.

He took that last one on his own, with no direction. Such a good blogger husband 😉

And we stopped at a corn stand with the good ol’ honor system

And there goes the weekend! I have a very busy three weeks at work coming up, so the relaxing and quality time was needed. I hope everyone else had a great one!!!

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One Response to The weekend I didn’t want to end

  1. shaine says:

    Weekend sounds and looks perfect! Who bought the wine Friday night and why?

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