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I said woah, Black Betty

Yesterday started off on a sad note… I said goodbye to my car, Black Betty (blam a lam). Turns out when she died on the highway last week, it was because her fuel pump had gone byebye, and it was … Continue reading

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Foam Rolling is my friend

Gooood food yesterday! Breakfast… oats! With 1/2 cup almond milk 1/2 cup water 1/2 banana 1/2 cup oats Topped with almond butter coconut walnuts MIL’s homemade beach plum jelly Lunch – leftover pasta and a nectarine And dinner was a … Continue reading

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Home is where the heart is

Just some highlights from the weekend… Best dinner, Friday night. Steak, couscous, and this Righteous Salad. Best breakfast: Saturday morning. Oats in a jar. Best Lunch: Erm’s pasta concoction, with shrimp, basil, toasted breadcrumbs with parmesean and herbs.(and a side … Continue reading

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Hungry like the wolf

Hello! Yesterday started out with a delicious bowl of oats and a cup of decaf No bananas in the oats, they were straight up. I added organic blueberries peanut butter maple syrup walnuts Deeeelish. And I needed a filling breakfast … Continue reading

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A new goal

Breakfast of champions yesterday Iced coffee and a piece of my MIL’s blueberry cake. Yum. Lunch was this delicious wrap of leftover beans, feta, and lettuce from the in-law’s garden. SO good. And yes those are Doritos! I was craving … Continue reading

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What scares you?

What a weird night last night was! I started the day with a bowl of oatmeal (not pictured). For lunch, I had this Righteous Salad Nom, nom, nom. This salad had lettuce from my FIL’s garden pork roll leftover homemade … Continue reading

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It was all a blur…

Wait, did we have a holiday weekend? I spent my whole weekend cleaning and packing! Totally worth it though, as our house is now ready to go on the market! Wheee!!! Anyone looking for a cute contemporary in NH? Saturday … Continue reading

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