Scrambled Eggs and Scrambled Legs

Hello! Big running accomplishment for me at the end of this post! Skip to the end if you’re not interested in scrambled eggs…

So the other day when I was making breakfast I realized… I just perfected scrambled eggs. I remember scramby eggs coming out a little funny when I was younger, and I think that because of that, I never really knew how to make them, until now. Don’t laugh, I know eggs are super easy to make. But, since I had problems, I figure maybe others do, so I’m going to share my fool-proof technique with you.

I like my scrambled eggs to have some kind of cheese in them, onions (white or green), and possibly some meat, if I have something in the fridge. So I start with my ingredients

In the bowl is 2 eggs, salt, pepper, and a splash of milk. On the plate is some chopped ham and 1 green onion, sliced.

Put something in your pan so the eggs don’t stick… stuck eggs are dry eggs. You can use spray, or I guess you could use oil, but I use good ol’ butter

Once its melted and distributed, pour the eggs in. Let them sit for a couple of minutes until they start to set and you can start to pull the edge away from the pan.

And do that all the way around so most of the runny stuff on the top falls back down into the pan

As this is all cooking, you can throw in your mix-ins

and scramble it all up

Then add your cheese and do the same… and voila

This whole process took me about 10 minutes… that’s nothing for a well-rounded breakfast!!! Eggs are good for you!

Ok now onto my running excitement. Yesterday I wanted to run, but I wasn’t really excited about running for a long time. Then I remembered an article that my trainer friend sent to me about Diminishing Rest Interval Training. (whole article is here). Basically, it says to break up the distance you want to train for into thirds. (So if you’re training for 3 miles, use a mile). Then run that mile as hard as possible. Then rest for at least 50% of the time it took you to run that mile. Then repeat two more times. Do this three times a week, and each week, decrease your rest time by 30 seconds. The goal is to ultimately be able to run faster by working on the quality of each mile. So I wondered… how fast CAN I run?

I measured the small loop in my neighborhood at 1.43 miles. Right as I got ready to head out, it started to rain. SWEET. I LOVE running in the rain! However, I couldn’t bring my Blackberry, because I didn’t want it to get too wet. So I started the stopwatch and threw it in the mailbox and took off. I tried to run the whole distance the way that I run my last 100 meters of a race and it was HARD. I had to stop and walk twice for a few seconds to catch my breath. I remembered wondering how fast I was running? 9:30, finally? Maybe if I’m lucky, 9:00? As I pushed myself up the hill toward my mailbox and reached inside to turn off the stopwatch, I didn’t even look at the time, I kept walking to cool down. When I got back, I looked at the time.


I ran 1.43 miles in 12:08.

That is a 8:29/mile pace.


I’ve never seen that number associated with my running.

It was only 1.43 miles, but I never would have thought I could run it that fast. Not even close to that fast! I felt like a superhero for the rest of the night 😀

And I stopped there… but next time, I’ll do a real Diminished Rest Interval Session!

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3 Responses to Scrambled Eggs and Scrambled Legs

  1. Awesome run! I’ve never heard of a Diminished Rest Interval Session, but I think I like it!

  2. What an awesome running experiment!!! Way to go, speedy! 🙂

  3. shaine says:

    I KNEW YOU COULD MAKE THOSE!! You need your own cooking show!
    Knitting, fitness and COOKING! I am trying these scramys soon! Keep up these instructions/ pictures!

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