The F word

Tonight, I wanted to get a good run in before dinner. I set out for my normal 3.4 mile loop that goes around my neighborhood and by my house before looping out and cominng back around. On my run by my house, I saw Erm outside lighting the grill, and then he went inside and waved at me from the kitchen, which I thought was cute. As I was running away from my house, I heard yelling from my driveway and looked to see Erm waving at me to come back… when I got back he told me he had been stung twice by hornets or bees which came from the grill when he tried to light it. (He was trying to wave me in from the kitchen so I could help him) Erm is allergic to bees, so I sprinted into the house to grab the Benadryl from the medicine cabinet. We figured that they must have been hornets and not bees because aside from the normal welt that raises around a bite, he didn’t have any crazy symptoms. But you can bet I was cursing those hornets for ruining my run! (I killed one in my kitchen, too. Take THAT hornet.)

I ended up doing 2.19 miles in 20:39 for a 9:25 pace. Not too shabby! I was actually running at a good clip… F you, hornets…

I then did some planks and pushups. I’m up to 10 pushups now! 15 is not too far away…

In honor of Caitlin’s Operation Beautiful appearance on the Today show, I figured I would write about an issue that she talked about during the interview, and hits home for me, too.

Back in July I wrote about the high school fitness group I was running and my thoughts on the group (here). In addition to teaching them about well-rounded fitness, my goal was to eliminate/prevent the distorted thinking that goes on in their heads about body image. I banned the “F word” from our time together and challenged them to ban it from their vocabulary. I HATE the “F word”. You know what I’m talking about… f-a-t. Yuk.

This week I had a group of middle school girls with me all week. We went out for ice cream today and one of them only ate half of hers and said
“I’m going to throw the other half away”

“Oh why, it looks like its really good?”, I asked.

“Because its making me fat.”

Ohhhhh no she didn’t.

I know women in their 20s say crazy things like that. I know high school girls say crazy things like that. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that middle school girls say and think crazy things like that.

I told her “that’s a dirty word”. And of course I got a puzzled look so I told her “FAT. That’s a dirty word”

“Why?” (And picture the sassy middle school look and voice with that.)

So I proceeded to tell her about how that word doesn’t make anyone happy. When you say it about yourself, it doesn’t make you happy. When you use it to describe another person, not only is it mean… but it still doesn’t make you happy. When you use it in any way other than a scientific fashion, you are actually focusing on it and keeping it in the front of your mind.

And how is that helping anyone… especially yourself?

And as we walked, my co-chaperone (one of the girls from my fitness group) overheard the three girls walking behind us saying things like, “I can’t believe I ate all that ice cream. Its going to make me so fat.” And she told me about it and how it made her sad to hear that, and that she still talks like that. So I said “if it makes you sad to hear those girls say that… how do you think it makes me feel to hear you talk like that about yourself?” And she said “I know…but its really hard to not say it.”

Its hard to stop talking about the F word. I get it. But just like eating healthy and getting into the habit of exercising, stopping the F word from coming out of your mouth is hard work, but so worth it in the end. I trained myself to stop using it, and I can’t tell you how much its helped me. Not only has it stopped the negative words from coming out of my mouth, it helps get rid of negative thoughts and helps me focus on more positive things. Things like fueling for my runs, getting excited about my strength training, and enjoying my workouts. See… when you get rid of negative stuff, you make more room for positive stuff, and you move forward and make progress so much quicker… which is what we strive for anyway, right?

What you envision is what will come to you, so it really makes sense to focus on the positive! Think about running/walking/biking/etc that extra mile, or faster. Think about increasing your weight when you’re lifting. Think about doing that plank for 15 or 30 more seconds next time. Think about having more energy, sleeping better, living longer. THOSE are the things that should be in the front of your mind when thinking about yourself! And how beautiful you are!! Positive thoughts lead to positive actions! And psst… when all the above is in sync, your body is in sync, and you are at your healthy, fit, best self.

I challenge you to go at least one week without saying that awful F word. Don’t even think about it! Think about your decisions and how they affect your overall health, and it will come more naturally to make good ones. And you’ll find that you don’t miss the F word at all. I promise 🙂

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5 Responses to The F word

  1. This is absolutely amazing!!! I am so inspired by the fact that you were so ready and willing to open up this dialogue, both with the girls and your co-chaperone. 🙂

  2. shaine says:

    You down with pleasantly plump??

  3. Tina says:

    I love the idea of considering “fat” on the same level of the other “f word”. It really does just as much or more damage. I try to avoid it all costs because it is a word I don’t want my daughter to know.

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