If you do what you always did…

… you’ll get what you always got.

LOVE that saying. But doesn’t it conflict with the also-popular “Don’t try anything new on race day”??

I have all kinds of pictures to share from Tuesday and all the food I had before my run but I left my camera in Charlotte’s car last night. Bollocks.

So here’s the rundown. Monday night I ate my usual pre-race dinner, which I got from the No Meat Athlete‘s blog: Corn Cakes with Black Beans. They are super easy, since its just heating beans and making corn pancakes. And when we have ribs, I cut up leftovers and throw those in with the beans and its so good. Since I know I like to eat black beans the night before a big run or a race and these don’t give me any tummy troubles, I made some and scarfed them down.

Work this week has been focused on animals and the environment, and Tuesday was beach day. Myself and two other girls went to the beach and cleaned some of it (can we say giant ashtray???) and had lunch and went swimming. I was really not thinking when I scheduled Tuesday as beach day, as the sun usually takes a lot out of me, and I’m really not a beach person to begin with. I figured I was toast for my race. During the day I ate: a piece of my homemade zucchini bread, a piece of beach pizza, an almond butter and jelly sandwich, and half of a big green salad. Oh, and some veggie stir fry that Charlotte made when I got to her house.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been focusing on my speed. I tried a short sprint, I’ve been spending some time on the elliptical to work on my pickup speed, and I’ve been working on strength training more. My goal for the last race of the summer series was to run a 5K at a 9:45 pace, or a 30:13 finish time. After running my last race surprisingly slow, I have put time in to make sure I wasn’t slow again on Tuesday!

It was the Dynamic Duo 5K on Tuesday, so we wore new matching running outfits.

And we were off! I’ve said before that my goal is just to be able to see Charlotte during our races. I kept up with her the whole time, right up until about 2.5 miles. And then she still wasn’t that far ahead. I have a habit of walking through water stops, just for a few seconds, and that’s where I lost her. But I didn’t FEEL like I was running fast. And the last time I raced, I FELT fast, but I was actually running slow. So I figured I was running even SLOWER since I felt slow. And with the sun during the day, etc, I figured I was happy if I ran it in 31:00. Then I have two more weeks to work on my goal of 30:13.

As I came down the final stretch and broke into my sprint, I saw the clock up ahead and the first two numbers were 29. I thought “ohmigod, I have to get through before it goes into the 30s” and as I crossed, it was STILL 29, although I didn’t see how many seconds. I didn’t care. I almost cried. Yes, I almost cried at the end of a 5k. And Charlotte immediately turned to me after we crossed and said “wow, how happy are YOU?”. And then asked me what the heck I’ve been doing to get faster.

My time was 29:19!!! I ran it at a 9:27 pace. Almost two minutes faster than my goal for this race, and over a minute faster than my fastest 5K time to date. Craziness! Charlotte also ran a series PR, so we both got Mylie Medals 🙂

Yep, I know its pretty much the same pic, just darker and with medals. Don’t care 😉

So to recap… the things I did the same as my other races:

  • black beans the night before
  • lotsa water during the day of and day before
  • bathroom stop at 6:46, race starts at 7. don’t laugh. its perfect timing.

Things I did different

  • went to the beach and got a sunburn
  • mixed up my speed training
  • focused on strength
  • bought a foam roller and use it frequently

And there you have it! My BEST race to date! Come to think of it, before this one, my best race was last year’s Dynamic Duo race. Maybe I run better as part of a team? Regardless, I have two more races before the end of the summer! My new goal: 29:13.

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8 Responses to If you do what you always did…

  1. Congrats! Who would have guessed black beans might be your pre-race food? I love how athletes have those little things they have to do pre-race, it’s so unique. 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    That’s wicked!! Congrats!

  3. MrsKnitpho says:

    What a great race!!! What an awesome post 🙂

  4. Congrats on an amazing race!!!! 🙂

  5. Tina says:

    Congratulations!!!! That must have felt so amazing. I love that overwhelming sense of accomplishment that comes with achieving a goal. Way to go!

  6. Yay! Congrats on doing so well! You should be so proud of yourself!!!

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  8. Katie says:

    Aw yay! Good job. I just found your blog and can’t wait to read more!

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