I’ll let you in on a secret

Last night Erm requested a “picnic” for dinner. I wasn’t sure what that meant to him, but to me it meant quick, easy, and delicious. Someone suggested bruschetta… perfect!

Bruschetta is great to bring to parties. Its a good year-round food, its easy to make, and you can assemble it at home and just pop it in the host’s oven when you get there. Or, you can make the whole thing there. Either way, whenever I bring it somewhere, people are so WOWED by what I’ve whipped up. This amuses me, because its definitely one of the easiest things I make. I figured I’d pass along my master technique 😉

What you need: olive oil, a ball of mozzarella cheeze, French bread, and bruschetta mix.

Preheat the oven on BROIL.

I am usually strict about from-scratch, but for this… I buy my mix. Shh, don’t tell. One of these days I’ll come up with a recipe for my own. If they have it at the deli, I’ll get it there, since that’s fresher, but if they don’t… I buy a container.

Slice your bread and brush it with the olive oil

And top the bread with a spoonful of the bruschetta mix

Then slice your cheese

And put it on top of your little masterpieces, and pop it all in the oven

And keep an eye on them, about 5 mins or so until they look like this

The mozzarella you use is key here. Shredded from a bag doesn’t taste the same, and doesn’t melt the same.

A plate like this makes me a hit everywhere I go. I feel like I’m cheating.

But as long as everyone enjoys it… I feel like I’ve done my job 🙂

So there you go! Easy, minimal effort party snack. Bring it to your next party!

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2 Responses to I’ll let you in on a secret

  1. Kristy says:

    Love bruschetta, especially in the summer! Yours looks delicious!!

  2. shaine says:

    This looks too good to be true!

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