And for my next trick…

I hope everyone’s had a great holiday weekend!

Saturday was a speed day! I bought new running shoes on Thursday and was super excited to try them out.

I was not excited about another session of Diminishing Rest Intervals, so I put my best game face on and tricked myself into being excited about it. Works like a charm!

I stashed my phone and water and took off and ran my first mile. I use the stopwatch on my phone and time myself, and then stop it, look at the time, and reset it. But after mile 1, I picked up the phone and hit the button to stop and reset, and realized that it had stopped running when the screen went black. This is my phone’s new trick, and I don’t like it so much. I pushed the reset button too quickly and didn’t get to see my time! Super frustrating. It felt like 9:30, so that’s what I’m calling it 😉

My next two miles went just fine.

  • Mile 1 ? (I think 9:30ish?)
  • Rest 4:00
  • Mile 2 9:05
  • Rest 4:00
  • Mile 3 9:26

I definitely think Mile 2 was faster than Mile 1, but I wish Mile 3 was the fastest! Still working.

Then I came home and had a green monster with the usual (spinach, banana, almond milk, flax) and added this

It wasn’t until it was already blending away that I saw that it has a lemon-lime flavor. It definitely has a weird taste if you’re not used to it! Once I got used to the taste, I did like it.  I have a packet of the chocolate one to try next!

I also dominated this super-righteous salad

Red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, cukes, artichoke hearts, feta, kidney beans, avacado. YUM.

Today is a long run, 6 miles. Its funny how at this time last year when I was training a half-marathon, 6 miles was a short run! I’m training for the Tufts 10K for Women on Columbus Day. I ran this race 3 years ago. It was my second race, and the first time I ran more than 5 miles. There are thousands of women, some walkers, some runners, and some in-between. Its a ton of fun and I’m really excited to do it again! I decided not to run the Lowell Sun Half Marathon again, because I didn’t think I’d have enough time to train. I didn’t want to push it too far too fast and give myself IT Band problems again. I haven’t signed up for the 10K yet, but I’m planning on it. My goal is to run it in 60:00 or less. I think this is a reasonable goal, but certainly not easy, given that I’ve been focusing on 5Ks all summer.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m doing a speed training, long run, and tempo run each week. I don’t want to hurt myself, but I want to make sure I’m putting effort in so I can reach my goal! Shoudl I not even focus on the speed and just the distance?

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2 Responses to And for my next trick…

  1. Tina says:

    You can reach that goal! My screen on my phone always goes black too. Drives me mad!

  2. Definitely a reasonable goal! And I think you should definitely keep doing speed work and tempo runs also. That’s what makes you faster!! Maybe alternate them every week and add in an easy run. That’s what I’m doing for my half training!

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