Now I know what its like to have sweat on me

And… life is back to normal for me!

I had a great vacation and an even better long weekend! It ended on Monday with a productive and relaxing day. Star of the day was my long run… of 5 miles. It was going to be 6, but I didn’t do 5 the week before, so I didn’t want to increase too much too fast. I ran a mile out and back, went into my house to use the powder room, and came back in and did a 3 mile out and back loop. I think it was a little longer than 3 miles, but we’ll call it 3.

  • 5 miles
  • 50:16
  • 10:03/mile pace

Woohoo! I’m right where I want to be for my training. I was pretty comfortable for the whole 5 miles (except right before I used that powder room) and my legs felt good. I just need to work on my speed a little, but my race isn’t until October 11, so I think I’m on track!

When I got home, I came in to have a glass of water and stretch and caught a look at myself in the mirror.

Feeling like a star, can’t stop my shine…

Where did all that sweat come from? I was wearing a Bondi band, too! Then I realized, I’ve been sweating a LOT since I’ve started running.

That’s my shiny, sweaty arm. My arms sweat, my legs sweat, and I don’t want to talk about my chest and my back.

When I was younger, I didn’t sweat at all. It was a little abnormal. I actually remember one summer, during volleyball camp. It was the dead of summer in a stuffy gym and we were running our @sses off. We sat down to stretch and the director of the camp walked over to my best friend beside me, wiped sweat off her arm, and wiped it on mine. He said “There. Now  you know what it feels like to have sweat on you.” It wasn’t for lack of hustling, I swear! I really used to not sweat at all!

So I’m wondering what’s different now? We sweat to cool ourselves down. Is it just because its warm out? I don’t think so, I sweat in the gym, too. Is it hormonal/age related? Am I not hydrating enough?

How much do you sweat?

I reloaded after my run with a Green Monster with this deliciousness added in

AmazingGrass Chocolate. So delicious, and still had that healthy green taste! I loved it!

I’ve taken it pretty easy this week, I’m hoping to get up early and get a few miles in tomorrow. We’re going away this weekend and I’m not sure how much running I’ll get to do. I am also trying yoga at a yoga studio for the first time tomorrow! I’ll be back with a recap!

Before I go, does anyone else chew on dry pasta?

Its a pretty weird quirk of mine…

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6 Responses to Now I know what its like to have sweat on me

  1. I always sweat. Like ALL THE TIME. But I have come to terms with it recently. A yoga teacher once told me it was a good thing because I was constantly getting rid of toxins in my body. 🙂
    Be proud of your sweat, you earned it!

  2. I sweat a normal amount, but my sister sweats a TON!! I’m not sure the reasoning behind it 🙂 I do tend to nibble on dry pasta as I cook it. It can’t be good for your teeth, though!

  3. Kristy says:

    I am def a sweater, too! But I have never tried dry pasta! 🙂

  4. I sweat much more than when I was a kid. It has to be age! I love our “glowing”!

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