Happy faces and horses

Sunday I set the alarm and woke up early for my long run. I was still in my running funk and didn’t feel like going at first, but the night before, Niki and I made a Twitter agreement to “run together” in the morning… and it worked! I also did this with Liz during the week, and its become my new go-to motivation when I need to get out there. Thinking about someone else holding to an agreement we made is enough to get me out the door!

I put on my new Bondi Band and headed out for 5.2 around my house.

I’ve noticed people asking about water on runs… I am lucky enough to be able to do loops where I live, and I stash my water bottle in my mailbox. I also stashed my short sleeved shirt in there on Sunday, which ended up being perfect. It was chilly when I went out in a long-sleeve shirt but then I warmed up, and I was happy to be able to change.

I did 5.2 miles in 48:50, a 9:23/mile pace! I had to come in and use the bathroom and I turned the stopwatch off, but still, that’s pretty fast for me! To reach my 60:00 goal for my 10K, I need to run 9:40 miles, so I think I’m in really good shape. 🙂

Then we got ready for the Jumper Classic, an horse jumping event that Erm’s company invited us to. We had never been to a jumping event and were excited to do something different. Also, I LOVE horses. Sadly, these horses were not available to be visited, but it was really fun to watch them jump.

Is horse jumping mean to the horses?

Along with vendors, the jumping, skydivers, a flyby, and dog agility, we were served a delicious lunch! We started with hubbard squash soup, followed by a piece of steak over mashed turnips with sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts. The meat was almost like a pot roast and I housed it. I was STARVING after my run. I had a green monster while I was getting ready for the event, but I was so excited to eat! Dessert was a warm toffee bread pudding (more like a little cake, still delicious) with an orange whipped cream. As you can see… I had almost finished it before I realized to take a picture.


On the way home we stopped at the apple farm that we go to, since we were right down the street. We just got a small bag of apples, some apple cider, and a couple of drinks for the road. I could not resist the Squamscott Maple Cream Soda! I drink soda once every 3 months or so, if that. I’m really not a big fan, I don’t like the sugar, etc. But, I’ve been drinking Squamscott since I was a kid, and its made in New Hampshire! I’d never seen the Maple Cream flavor.

I love anything maple-flavored. This is no exception. It was so delicious, but SO sweet. We got home and I settled into the couch with a headache. I don’t know if I was dehydrated from my morning run, or if all that sugar in the soda hit me, but I ended up taking a nap. I hate naps! But I know when I fall asleep during the day… I really need some sleep. So sleep I did.

Today I was going to go for 3 miles when I get home, but what I thought was allergies has turned into a raging cold, and I think I need the rest. I’ll go Friday morning. Until then, rest and remedies to get well!

What are your favorite cold remedies?

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