Love that menthol smell…

In honor of my staying home sick with this ridiculous cold today, I’m resurrecting a post from my other blog. This was written in February of ’09 when I had a similar ridiculous cold. My other blog is actually funnier than this one, and if you’re a knitter, it may be interesting to you. Or, you can just stay and hang out here 🙂

I am completely addicted to Vicks VapoRub. Well, I guess I wouldn’t say completely, because when I feel healthy I don’t use it. But the smallest sniffle and out comes the Vicks. Erm has gotten used to it, and is a little amused by it. Its such a potent smell, especially when you DON’T have a stuffy nose, that even when I sneak it on me before bed, he knows… he knows. I blame my mother, since I remember it being a staple for us when we were sick.

So I have this killer cold right now, and I’m pretty sure its a sinus cold. Yesterday, one whole side of my face was in ridiculous pain. My nose was stuffed to the point that blowing it was useless. My eye hurt. My TEETH hurt. And every now and then, my nose (just on that side!) would start running uncontrollably, which is really aggrevating when blowing your nose is fruitless. So I went online and did some research about my favorite cold remedy… Vicks. I’ve just been putting it on my chest and throat when I didn’t feel good… little did I know I wasn’t even touching all the things you can do with it! After reading through everything, I was ready for last night…

I slathered it on the bottom of my feet.

I slathered it on my back.

I slathered it on my chest and throat.

And I put some under my nose, just for good measure.

I also put it on my lips this morning because its 10 degrees outside.

Poor, poor Erm. He told me he could smell me from downstairs. The only thing I didn’t do, which I may try tonight, is a more aggressive use for the Vicks for a stuffy nose. I read that if you massage your forehead and temples with it, and cover your head, and sleep with your head slightly elevated, it works wonders for a stuffy nose. I may look like a mummy and smell like a cough drop, but its worth a try, right?

Pray for Erm.

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One Response to Love that menthol smell…

  1. No lie…I love the smell of Vicks! I have no idea why but it reminds me of my Grandma. 🙂

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