Mon Anniversaire

What a perfect weekend I had…

I spent Thursday and Friday morning at home like this

That is a sick and miserable me and a VERY happy Octavious. He love snuggling on the couch! When I’m sick, I drop everything and REST. I don’t know if its the right thing to do, but its what my body tells me to do, and I listen to my body whenever I can. Unfortunately, that means no exercise, and I haven’t run in a week! Eep! While home, I watched too much tv, a couple of scary movies, made some cookies (with very clean hands), and knitted. I needed to get better because Saturday was my birthday!

I woke up Saturday morning to a couple of boxes on the coffee table… look what was inside!

Erm got me a Kindle for my birthday! I was SO excited, I’ve been hinting that I wanted one since May. I love that you can download the first chapter or so of a book to see if you want to buy it. And books are so cheap on it! I’m taking book recommendations, please!!

Then we got ready and went apple picking! We go to Applecrest in Hampton Falls. I’ve been going there since I was a kid and I love it! Its also the oldest and largest apple orchard in New Hampshire. Erm picked most of the apples, but I picked a few.

These pictures were taken on my phone before I got my new camera, which I got later in the day.



Then we went to the wine store and tasted some wines, went home, relaxed, and got ready for dinner! We went to La Voile on Newbury Street in Boston. Erm picked this place because I LOVE French food, and everything French. We went on our honeymoon and we’re still talking about it! This restaurant has chefs and servers who come from France. The feel of the restaurant is still American, but the food is definitely French. I asked our server where she was from and she said ‘Paris’ (in a VERY thick accent) and when she walked away Erm and I looked at each other and both said “why would you move here from Paris?”. To each their own 🙂

I didn’t feel comfortable using my flash in the restaurant and the pictures came out bad without it, so I’ll tell you that we started with the foie gras two ways: terrine and pan-seared. The terrine was good, but I did not like the pan-seared version. I did not like it warm, and it had a bizarre texture. Erm did like it, though. For some reason, I mentally had a tough time eating the dish, if you know what I mean 😉 If you like foie gras, I would recommend it!

For our main course, Erm had the veal stew, which was in a cream sauce and served over basmati rice. The sauce was amazing! And Erm, who is super-Italian, said it was some of the best veal he has ever had, which means a lot. Italians and Frenchies do not typically compliment each other’s food, wine, etc. 😉 I had the duck in an orange-cinnamon sauce, which was also delicious… I ate every bite. We would both highly recommend our main courses. We got a side of pommes frites… that were disappointing. I would recommend to skip them.

For dessert, we split the creme brulee and each had a sauternes with it. Erm ate about a third (we also had a cheese course before dessert) and left me the rest. I almost licked the ramekin clean! Best creme brulee I’ve ever had. As if the meal wasn’t good enough!

If you like French food, I would definitely recommend La Voile! It was definitely a birthday meal to remember.

Today we went to the North End in the morning to get some stuff done, and then went to my in-laws for birthday Sunday dinner for me and the neice. While in the North End I noticed this sign, and figured I’d pass along the info to my vegan friends.

Not sure if its hard to find, but DePasquale’s has vegan pasta to take and make at home!

And now we are relaxing and getting ready for bed! I’ve had a couple of late nights and need to get ready for my week.

How do you feel about taking pictures of your food with a flash in a nice restaurant?

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7 Responses to Mon Anniversaire

  1. I almost never use the flash in restaurants; I feel like it is too intrusive to other people. My out to dinner photos are usually dark, but I hope I make up for it with good descriptions. Happy Birthday!

  2. Kathie says:

    Always ask your waiter first. Then just one photo. Well, one of the food and one of you! Now you’ve made me hungry…

  3. BIOCHEMISTA says:

    Ahhhh, I love New Hampshire 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better!!!!

  4. I never use my flash. I just turn up my ISO setting, which can be done even on my point & shoot. However, on most of my fancier dinners I’m having too much fun to take photos. 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    I’m so glad that you had such a great time at La Voile! To answer your question, I rarely use my flash at dinners unless it is a blogger/press/media dinner. I just ordered a new lens today that is supposed to be super helpful for low lighting…but it is for my huge Nikon. Usually I just use my Canon point and shoot with the flash off and hope for the best with the dark photos!

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