31 Days of Scary Movies: Paranormal Activity

For the month of October, to celebrate the season of Halloween, I will be posting a review of a movie for each day. Movies will be old, new, vampire, slasher, zombie, ghosts, etc. If you are curious about any movies, shoot me an email! These opinions, unless otherwise noted, are all my own.


While I loved Paranormal Activity, I don’t think its a movie for everyone. Its one of those movies that requires you to imagine yourself in the situation in order to get the scary effect of the movie. There are few startling moments and no gore. This is a psychological movie. Having said that, if you do have the imagination for it, its very scary.

Katie and Micah have had some weird things happening to them at night, so Micah gets a video camera to record their room while they sleep. As more and more things happen, he starts researching the phenomenon, consults a psychic, and even gets his hands on a Ouija board to try to get to the bottom of what’s happening.  (By the way, this movie just reinforces the belief that you should not have a Ouija board in the house!) As things progress, the entity gets more and more involved with the couple. I saw this at the movies and was on the edge of my seat by the end. Its definitely slow in the beginning to middle. The last 20 minutes are crazy, but I don’t think you’d get the full effects of them if you didn’t watch the whole movie. There’s a hallway scene that left me not only scared, but wondering how they actually filmed it.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t afraid to turn my light off when I went to bed on the night that I saw the movie. During the movie, the suspense builds slowly and steadily to an explosive ending. The characters are pretty believable, and when Katie pleads with Micah to stop the filming, you feel how terrified she is… which just makes you more scared. I love this movie for the way it got in my head yet didn’t stay with me. If you watch it at home, turn the lights off for the full effect!

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3 Responses to 31 Days of Scary Movies: Paranormal Activity

  1. We watched this on New Years Eve! I actually made fun of the movie while we were watching it – we all did – until the end!!! The last 10-15 minutes scared the bejesus out of me – just SO creepy! The end made the slow beginning totally worth it.

  2. movies blog says:

    nice infor for movies thanks

  3. BIOCHEMISTA says:

    I LOVE scary movies!!!! Especially around Halloween when they post them all day long!!!

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