31 Days of Scary Movies: Candyman

For the month of October, to celebrate the season of Halloween, I will be posting a review of a movie for each day. Movies will be old, new, vampire, slasher, zombie, ghosts, etc. If you are curious about any movies, shoot me an email! These opinions, unless otherwise noted, are all my own.


Add this to my list of movies I was too scared to see when I was younger. Not only was it not scary… it wasn’t worth watching. I’m glad I did watch it, though, to remind me how great other horror movies are.

The story is about Candyman, an urban legend who appears behind you if you say his name five times while looking in a mirror. A bathroom mirror, to be exact. Virginia Madsen and a friend are doing research on the story and they learn about a death in the projects who people attribute to Candyman. So they investigate, and all hell breaks loose. Oh, and they’ve already jokingly said his name 5 times in the bathroom, but he never showed up… or did he?

Aside from Virginia Madsen’s acting, which is actually decent, I didn’t like anything about this movie. The Candyman speaks and says some pretty silly stuff. Not Freddie Krueger silly, but trying-to-be-scary silly. There’s a side story going on with her and her husband that’s not really important to the plot, in my opinion. There’s a couple of startling moments, but you can even kind of see them coming. The ending clearly sets us up for a sequel, which I will be skipping. If you’re curious, go ahead and watch it. But if you’re looking for a fun, interesting, or scary movie… don’t.

Fun Facts (from IMDB)

  • Virginia Madsen claims she was hypnotized for some of the films scenes
  • Real bees were put into Tony Todd’s mouth while shooting the climax. His only protection was a mouthguard to prevent them from going down his throat
  • If Virginia Madsen wasn’t available, the lead role would have gone to Sandra Bullock
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